That’s a little better.

After a really disappointing drawing of Baby A, I decided to try again. He’s a little older, so it’s getting easier to get more natural pictures. Now that I look at it on the monitor, the right hand is a little funky. But otherwise, I’ll call this a success.

Please pardon the shadows on the mat. The little patch of sun in my living room wasn’t quite 11×14.

New Post Series

I love, love, love my macro lens. I love how the world looks completely different close up. I love how objects can take on a completely different character when I really look closely. So  for the month of October I thought I’d have a little fun with it. Every Thursday I’ll post a picture of something close up. Feel free to speculate, guess, and make wild stabs in the dark in the comments.  Then Friday I’ll post what the picture is, and, if possible, a picture further out showing how the piece fits into the whole. To start things off, here is one that is kind of gross: Happy guessing.


Yes, I’m taking pictures of my snacks again. There is just something fascinating about popcorn. I love how every kernel pops differently-like snowflakes, but tasty. Reflections, negative space, little kernels of salt…stove-top popcorn is definitely the most photogenic of snack foods.

Creative Urgency

There is so much joy in children’s art. No censorship. No rules. I turned around from my own work station and took a look at what the toddler has been creating, and it is beautiful.

Because to really create the way God intended us to create, we can’t worry about what gets on the table:

And the paints have to be messy:

Otherwise, too much time is wasted.