First Snow

A few days ago, very early in the morning, we had the first snowfall of the season. It was light, and lovely, and everything a first snowfall should be. The toddler, baby, and I all threw coats on over our pajamas and ran out to get some photos.

Drawing Lessons

One of the benefits of my new job teaching art lessons is that I’m forced to remember everything I’ve learned…and demonstrate. I have been teaching some lessons on color; specifically using complementary colors to darken and lighten. We were working from life, and trying to see ALL the colors-not just the ones that are readily apparent. I am kind of excited about the sketches:

And yes, that is a dead bug that on my pepper picture. I could have cropped it out…but I like to think it adds character.


As summer gives way to fall, things are dying.

But not gone yet.

Some are just barely hanging on.

But the bees still feel there is work to be done.

The decay is mixed with life and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.¬† But I’ll capture it and share it here, on All Saint’s Day*.

*These pictures were taken a little earlier in the season, but I thought this post was appropriate for today.