After printing this piece, I discovered that the effects that look kind of cool on the computer screen don’t translate as well into a finished piece. So while I’m still enjoying finding spiderwebs up-close, I’ve toned down the editing. This subject has forced me to start learning to use the manual focus, since the camera always thinks I want to photograph whatever is behind the spiderweb.

Still trying to decide if I like it better in color or black and white.

Bugs, Part Two

In part one, I found some bugs in my neighborhood. Here,  I found more at one of the local forest preserves. Actually, that’s a lie. The toddler found this first one, and yelled at me to come take a picture of it. I’m thinking I’ll be able to keep her away from my camera for only so much longer…


I am so excited about the background on these pictures. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of beautiful flowers that don’t turn out because the background doesn’t contrast well enough with the subject. I’m surprised how much it matters, even when the background isn’t in focus.

This little spider? Total luck. I didn’t even know he was there until after I snapped the picture:

I love this one more for the color than the contrast:

Sacred Space

A few days ago, I had my camera with me to take some pictures of the toddler and her friend. We happened to be meeting in a church, and I was captivated by this:

and this:

I am really in love with the fact that they were taken in color, but still look black and white due to the lighting in the room. I am also really happy with how they capture the feeling in the building, without being overtly religious. Will definitely have to explore this further.

The Farm, Part Three-Flowers

We are finding beautiful flowers everywhere these days, and the farm was no exception. I should have gotten more, except I was being lazy and let the camera choose the focal point for me. This left me with a lot of shots that just weren’t quite. So I learned the downside of leaving the camera with too many automatic settings (Karma must have heard I was bragging about my laziness). But I did get a few that I love:

The Farm, Part Two-Attack of the Reptiles!

Okay, so there was no attacking, and I’m not even completely sure everything here qualifies as a reptile (this is probably an even more embarrassing admission than the peach thing), but we do have lizard eyes! I have been kind of fascinated by lizard eyes ever since I saw the Super Mario Brothers Movie-the one where all the evil people in the world evolved from lizards instead of monkeys and you could tell who they were by their eyes. Wow. So not as mind-blowing now that I type that plot line out as an adult. Anyway, lizard eyes.

The Farm

So after an embarrassing incident in which I discovered that I do not know where peaches come from, I decided it was time for a trip to the farm. So we went here:

Where we learned how broccoli:

and peppers:

and lettuce:

are grown. Very cool. Hoping that when Baby A is a little older we will be able to grow some of this at home. Also, randomly, there was a room with a bunch of alligators, turtles, and lizards because, well, I guess every good Midwestern farm has an alligator room. So alligator pictures coming early next week. Of course the one attraction that really captivated the toddler, such that I had to drag her away? Goose poop on the sidewalk.  No pictures. You’re welcome.

Millions of Peaches

I had no idea there was a peach tree in my neighborhood. No idea peaches could even grow in this part of the Midwest. I have walked by this tree dozens of times with the kids before, but not until I had my camera with me did I notice that it was a peach tree. I’m kind of embarrassed that I know so little about the origin of a fruit I eat so often.

Now I really want one in my yard.