Too bad it took me 10 years to figure this out…

I’ve been using Xerox transfers for almost ten years now (the first piece I used them in is so old I have actual slides of it) and I’ve always been not quite satisfied with the process. Thanks to this website, though, I now know that using flexible stretched canvas for a process that involves scraping and scrubbing is kind of a bad idea. So while trying to find a more complete way to display the self-portraits in this post, I did my first xerox transfer on wood. So.much.better. I have so much more control over the finished look of the image. And so much easier to sand and prep wood than canvas. They even cut it for me for free at Home Depot.

Hopefully I’ll be finished and ready to post the new piece soon. As much as I love my camera, I’m just not ready to consider a photo printed by someone else “done.” I still feel like I need a physical connection, the scraping and scrubbing, to really recognize a piece as one of my own.

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