Showing at the Wine and Art Stroll this weekend!

I’ll be showing some work this Saturday night inside the soon-to-open Fiamico Ristorante. It will be the best stop on the stroll thanks to the air conditioning! The wine and art stroll is in downtown Waukegan from 5-8. Proceeds support Waukegan Main Street. So come join me for an evening of art and wine!

Nature, up close

Nothing better at the end of a hot and humid day than finally getting outside to explore the backyard with the toddler. While most of our time was spent picking and squishing the berries that grow along the side of the yard, we did manage to also find some interesting shots by looking closely through the macro lens.

With all the heat, I was surprised to find this spiderweb still holding some rain from the thunderstorms last week:

And finally, the aforementioned irresistible squishy berries:

Not Just for Cooking

I’ve been reading some not so positive things about nonstick cookware lately, so I’ve been trying to switch over to using more stainless steel. Turns out that stainless cooks better and photographs better.

Self Portrait:

And the remnants of the toddler’s mid-morning snack:

Too bad it took me 10 years to figure this out…

I’ve been using Xerox transfers for almost ten years now (the first piece I used them in is so old I have actual slides of it) and I’ve always been not quite satisfied with the process. Thanks to this website, though, I now know that using flexible stretched canvas for a process that involves scraping and scrubbing is kind of a bad idea. So while trying to find a more complete way to display the self-portraits in this post, I did my first xerox transfer on wood. So.much.better. I have so much more control over the finished look of the image. And so much easier to sand and prep wood than canvas. They even cut it for me for free at Home Depot.

Hopefully I’ll be finished and ready to post the new piece soon. As much as I love my camera, I’m just not ready to consider a photo printed by someone else “done.” I still feel like I need a physical connection, the scraping and scrubbing, to really recognize a piece as one of my own.

Stories, continued

I took a few more self portraits. I like the chaos of this one:

Maybe a disagreement among all the differing views in my head? With just a slight change in angle, this seems to change to a more orderly discussion:

Or maybe show and tell? I wasn’t going to include this one, because I don’t like it. But I am amazed at how the change of focus takes the same image from a picture I like to a picture I hate (maybe a life lesson in there?), so I had to share the effect:

And here the viewer knows the topic of discussion:

Of course, the real story is that I cleaned my mirror this time.


So I have been playing around with self-portraits, inspired by Hyacynth at Undercover Mother. I love how a change of focus changes the story. Here I’m looking right at you:

But here you’re sort of spying on me:

And here…we’re sort of all catching your eye:

Life is like that, too. The narrative changes depending on your focus. I  feel like these three need to be shown together, and I’m trying to figure out a good way to do that. Transfer onto canvas? Mirror? I’m sick of bad color copies screwing up xerox transfer…maybe something new?