From all angles

I am discovering that photography is very specific. The difference between a shot that works and a shot that doesn’t can be a matter of millimeters. A small shift of the camera or a small twist of the lens and everything changes. These four shots were all taken of the same 3-4 centimeters of space-and yet they seem so different to me. I’ve written before about how point of view can change things. But I’m still surprised.

I’m also delighted by the colors. I have no idea how that happened. Something in the web? Something to do with the camera lens?


After printing this piece, I discovered that the effects that look kind of cool on the computer screen don’t translate as well into a finished piece. So while I’m still enjoying finding spiderwebs up-close, I’ve toned down the editing. This subject has forced me to start learning to use the manual focus, since the camera always thinks I want to photograph whatever is behind the spiderweb.

Still trying to decide if I like it better in color or black and white.

Nature, up close

Nothing better at the end of a hot and humid day than finally getting outside to explore the backyard with the toddler. While most of our time was spent picking and squishing the berries that grow along the side of the yard, we did manage to also find some interesting shots by looking closely through the macro lens.

With all the heat, I was surprised to find this spiderweb still holding some rain from the thunderstorms last week:

And finally, the aforementioned irresistible squishy berries: