Black and White and Paint All Over


Black and White

I just finished hanging a show at the The Jack Benny Center in Waukegan, Illinois. The show, entitled Black and White and Paint All over, features the black and white photography of my husband, photographer Bradley Haas at Ampersand Print, and all of my most recent paintings.  I’ve included mostly smaller works, painted on location. Many I’ve never shown before. Stop by any time during the month of September.


First Snow

A few days ago, very early in the morning, we had the first snowfall of the season. It was light, and lovely, and everything a first snowfall should be. The toddler, baby, and I all threw coats on over our pajamas and ran out to get some photos.

From all angles

I am discovering that photography is very specific. The difference between a shot that works and a shot that doesn’t can be a matter of millimeters. A small shift of the camera or a small twist of the lens and everything changes. These four shots were all taken of the same 3-4 centimeters of space-and yet they seem so different to me. I’ve written before about how point of view can change things. But I’m still surprised.

I’m also delighted by the colors. I have no idea how that happened. Something in the web? Something to do with the camera lens?