House Series Number 5


This house is the last in the house series (here are  house one, house two, house three, and house four). I am really sad to be done, since these were so much fun. This house is just two towns over from where I live,  so I tried to get some photos of it as it looks today (mostly to have some shots with additional lighting options and some summer foliage). I could not believe how much it had changed! I had to double check the address just to make sure I had the right house.  As I was trying to take pictures, the homeowner came out to water her flowers and I sped away like a coward without any good pictures. So the photos I painted this from were taken years ago.


House Series #2


This is the second in a series of houses I was commissioned to paint (the first one is here). You won’t be able to find this house…this was how it looked years ago before it was painted brown and the landscaping was changed. When I went to take the picture of the house as it is today, I was so sad to see that the japanese maple to the left of the house is gone. I was told this was the house that all the kids on the block flocked to; a place with lots of laughter where everyone felt welcome. I hope that comes through here. This painting is acrylic on paper, 4×6 inches.

They still work!

I think it’s been over a year since I got the paints out, and wow, did it feel good. So here, in acrylic for the first time, is Baby A.

Mostly I was motivated by the fear that if I didn’t paint Baby A soon, I would have to answer questions in ten years about why I only painted his sister.