Boy in a Blue Bathing Suit


This is my little guy playing at the beach this summer. His joy in the water is just incredible. It may be impossible to fully capture, but I keep trying. Prints of this piece are available at Fine Art America. 

SONY DSCBoy in a Blue Bathing Suit, 20×16 in, acrylic on canvas, 2014



New work From the Current Show

New paintings! After a very successful opening reception at the Jack Benny Center in Waukegan, Illinois last night, I’ve uploaded images of some of the paintings shown there that haven’t previously been on this website. We were so honored that so many people came and looked and showed their support, and were particularly thrilled with the number of kids that came. A few of these pieces have sold, but many are still available and can be seen anytime the Benny Center is open through the end of September. Please see my Fine Art America Website for a complete list of availability and pricing, as well as for prints of any of these pieces.

To visit the work in person, please stop by 39 Jack Benny Drive, Waukegan, Il, Monday-Thursday from 10am-9pm, Friday from 9am-5pm, or Saturday from 9am-4pm.

Harbor in Early Morning

This piece kept me on my toes-I started very early in the morning, around six, and the light changed so fast that the orange sun that was in the painting when I started had moved up behind the clouds before I had a chance to paint it. But I think the end result was worth all the small adjustments I had to make as the light changed.  Prints of Harbor in Early Morning  are available here. 

SONY DSCHarbor in Early Morning, 16×12 in, acrylic on gessoboard

Lake Michigan-beautiful or overdone?

As much as I love visiting and photographing the beach, I kind of feel like it’s cheating. It’s already so beautiful, there isn’t much effort or luck needed to get some really nice pictures. But the flip side of that is that I think it’s hard not to end up with a bunch of pictures like this:

Lovely pictures that I feel like I’ve seen before. I’m not really stretching myself or discovering anything. So it’s almost more challenging to find things to photograph. The kids helped a little:

And so did the wind:

But I’m still not sure if anything crosses the line from pretty pictures to art. Something I guess I’ll have to figure out if I stick with photography-what separates a photograph from a snapshot?