Sunflowers in Winter


This winter in Chicago has been cold and gloomy. We’ve had constant snow, record cold, and day after overcast day. But the sunflowers my children brought home one day-they were full of hope. Light in the middle of darkness; a glimpse of summer in the middle of winter. This piece is 18×24, acrylic on canvas. Prints of Sunflowers in Winter available here.

My Childhood Home

This is actually not a new piece-it was completed in August but couldn’t be posted until after Christmas. I’m really excited about how this turned out. The painting is of my childhood home, but I was amazed at how painting something I’ve seen thousands of times could make me look at it so differently. The painting is acrylic on paper, 5 x7 in. I took in progress photos again this time, because it was so much fun the last time I posted them. Prints or greeting cards of this piece can be purchased here.

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And here is the finished piece.


The Farm, Part Three-Flowers

We are finding beautiful flowers everywhere these days, and the farm was no exception. I should have gotten more, except I was being lazy and let the camera choose the focal point for me. This left me with a lot of shots that just weren’t quite. So I learned the downside of leaving the camera with too many automatic settings (Karma must have heard I was bragging about my laziness). But I did get a few that I love:


My macro lens takes awesome pictures of bugs-I get details I can’t even see in person. We must have lucked into just the right conditions, because we managed to encounter all of these little guys in one walk.   The toddler found a few mosquitoes, too. Welts the size of quarters from those suckers!

This one is admittedly kind of gross, but I still love it:

With this one, I actually like the disappearing flower more than the butterfly:

This one I consider another reason that sometimes it is awesome to shoot in automatic (but maybe this is possible in manual? I still don’t know what I don’t know.):