The Baby and The Toddler

This piece refused to photograph well. It was wrapped and ready to be given as a gift, and after seeing the photograph I had taken of it I furiously unwrapped it to fix it. Once unwrapped the piece looked fine, and just needed to be re-photographed. The second try wasn’t much better, but I’m posting it anyway since I love the piece itself. I think the camera is as depressed as I am about the lack of sunshine.

Baby A

I’m not completely sure how I feel about this one. Baby A had a weird expression to start with, so I’m not sure if this was such a great picture to work with. I’m also thinking there is just something funny about a baby sitting up..since he can’t. I’ve noticed that in general with the kids, anything posed looks, well, posed. So lesson learned. Work from pictures that capture them doing what they do naturally.

Or no pictures at all. I wish they would hold still for more than thirty seconds at at time. This less than successful drawing really makes me miss the models in figure drawing class.

They still work!

I think it’s been over a year since I got the paints out, and wow, did it feel good. So here, in acrylic for the first time, is Baby A.

Mostly I was motivated by the fear that if I didn’t paint Baby A soon, I would have to answer questions in ten years about why I only painted his sister.