Nana’s House

SONY DSCThis painting is of my grandmother’s house in upstate New York. The thing I remember most about it from my childhood is the expansive lawn-so much space to run. So the lawn is a much a part of this painting as the house. This piece is 8x10in, acrylic on paper.  Purchase prints of Nana’s House.

My Childhood Home

This is actually not a new piece-it was completed in August but couldn’t be posted until after Christmas. I’m really excited about how this turned out. The painting is of my childhood home, but I was amazed at how painting something I’ve seen thousands of times could make me look at it so differently. The painting is acrylic on paper, 5 x7 in. I took in progress photos again this time, because it was so much fun the last time I posted them. Prints or greeting cards of this piece can be purchased here.

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And here is the finished piece.


Little Houses

A lovely friend of the family asked me to give this a try. It’s a miniature (just 4×6 in) painting of the house she lived in while her son was growing up. I was a little nervous to try something I’d never done before, but it ended up being so much fun! I’m going to attempt a few more, and hope to share the results as soon as possible. This is acrylic on canvas paper.