Vacation Sketches

I just got back from a week in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. While there, I visited a new art store and used what I bought painting at the beach in Fish Creek. These paintings were a fun challenge, since the supplies I bought were limited-a palette knife, four paint colors (three primaries plus white), and clay board. I had no brushes, and I was missing most of my favorite colors. Combined with some great photos, I’m hoping to use these sketches to paint some bigger pieces during the cold, miserable winter months when I’m missing the beach.

SONY DSCOvercast Day-Fish Creek Beach, 9×12, Acrylic on Clayboard

I painted this on the one day I had scheduled for painting without any children along, so I was disappointed when I woke up and it was raining. I stuck with the plan, though, and by the time I got there I was greeted by an absolutely stunning overcast morning sky. It sprinkled on and off while I was working, but luckily the piece was small enough that I was able to put up the umbrella and keep it dry. The rain on the palette actually helped to keep my paint from drying up on me. Prints of this piece available here. 

SONY DSCPier at Fish Creek Beach, 8×10, Acrylic on Clayboard

I painted this piece my second day painting. The sky had cleared a little, and there was even a little sun by the end of the morning. My five-year-old came with me, pastels and paper in tow, and we worked side by side for a little while. She also spent quite a bit of time taking photographs with my cell phone, presumably for a larger work she has planned as well. Here is her interpretation of the same beach.

E's fish creek beachUntitled, 12×9,  Pastel on Pastel Paper

She’s kind of amazing.

Reading the Kindle on a Rainy Day

I painted this all in one long eight hour session yesterday. I think it was the first time since college I had a live model for that long, and I was shocked at how much easier it is to paint a person from life than from a photograph. Hours and hours less time with better results. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone other than my amazing husband willing to sit still for 8 hours without compensation. SONY DSCThis painting is 18×24 in, acrylic on canvas. Prints are available for purchase at Fine Art America. 

Hofflander’s Bridge

I spent last Saturday afternoon painting at the Dandelion Wine Fine Arts Festival in Waukegan. The day was perfect, and all kinds of interesting people stopped by to chat. I painted Hofflander’s Bridge, a small bridge connecting the two sections of the festival over a little stream. Here is the finished piece (12×16, acrylic on gessoboard). The two children at the bottom peering into the stream are actually the same child-I painted my daughter into the picture when she happened to pose like that. She looked at the painting and asked me to paint her again, but I told her I couldn’t have two children in matching clothes. So she changed her clothes so I could paint her again.


Here’s a bonus shot of my husband took of me while I was painting. It’s amazing to me how much the perspective of a scene changes just a few steps back.

DSC_2062 (1)


Prints of this piece are available at Fine Art America.