Now that that’s out of my system…

I spent a lot of time building my technical skills-being able to draw or paint what I see, and have it look as it should. Recently, though,  I’ve been feeling like I  have to use them, and at that point I think they start to become a liability. I’ve posted before about whether or not turning a photograph into a drawing adds value. I’m still not sure it does.  I love how this turned out:

But I’m still feeling a little like that was pointless, because the original photograph was just as awesome (maybe better?). So this summer I’m making a commitment to do something more exciting.

(Combing through past blog posts to find the links above, I was surprised to find that apparently this this is a yearly tradition. I posted about taking my work in a new direction in early summer of both 2010 and  2011. I’ll have to find a way not to be so boring in April of 2013)

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