Important Lesson

So I carefully checked the battery in my camera before leaving the house, and when I discovered it was down to about forty percent, I carefully removed it for charging and put in the backup battery. Then I loaded up the kids, picked up Grandma (who very nicely offered to keep an eye on the little ones while I played around with the camera) and headed to the beach. And discovered my backup batter was dead. These are the shots I snapped furtively in the three minutes before the camera gave out completely.  Lesson learned-never remove the battery without charging immediately. Here is what I got before it died:

2 thoughts on “Important Lesson

  1. Mom looks like a lemming in the photo above. Maybe it’s because she’s so tiny. I just expect her to have to somehow get from the sand she’s on to the sand in the middle of the photo…. with like four hundred other lemmings behind her.

    I like the pictures, though.

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