Important Lesson

So I carefully checked the battery in my camera before leaving the house, and when I discovered it was down to about forty percent, I carefully removed it for charging and put in the backup battery. Then I loaded up the kids, picked up Grandma (who very nicely offered to keep an eye on the little ones while I played around with the camera) and headed to the beach. And discovered my backup batter was dead. These are the shots I snapped furtively in the three minutes before the camera gave out completely.  Lesson learned-never remove the battery without charging immediately. Here is what I got before it died:

Preserving Summer

Since the leaves are starting to turn, I thought I would take the toddler out today to try and hang on to some of the last vestiges of summer. So we gathered up a few flowers:

And we laid them out:

And we pressed them:

In hopes that when winter is here, we can open them up and use a little piece of summer to make something bright.

Happy end of summer!

Baby A

I’m not completely sure how I feel about this one. Baby A had a weird expression to start with, so I’m not sure if this was such a great picture to work with. I’m also thinking there is just something funny about a baby sitting up..since he can’t. I’ve noticed that in general with the kids, anything posed looks, well, posed. So lesson learned. Work from pictures that capture them doing what they do naturally.

Or no pictures at all. I wish they would hold still for more than thirty seconds at at time. This less than successful drawing really makes me miss the models in figure drawing class.

joie de vivre

The very astute feedback I got from the first two sample portraits (here and here) for the custom portrait being auctioned off was that they were to serious. A parent bidding on a portrait might want to see that I could create something more joyful, something that captures the delight and exuberance that children have. So I tried something:

Again, so much harder to draw my own child. Those cheeks-I wanted them chubbier, more baby and less little girl. But she’s joyful in a different way as a little girl than she was as a baby, and I’m glad someone pushed me to capture that.